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Manchester City have invested in some of the best players in the world including the likes of David Silva, Sergio Aguero and Yaya Toure. If the sound of seeing this calibre of player in the flesh in front of your own two eyes sounds appealing then view our full collection of Manchester City football tickets that we have for sale at Always Football.

After missing out on the title to Chelsea last season, this year City will be keen to avenge Mourinho’s men and claim a domestic triumph. Their home clash at the Etihad with Chelsea on Saturday August 15th will be one of the biggest games of the season, and even though it is only the second game of the campaign it will be a huge game that could have a big effect in determining the Premier League champions. Be prepared and keep an eye out for Manchester City tickets for this game and you could get yourself an early season deal. City also play in the

Manchester derby, an incredible game between two of the best sides in world football at present, who happen to be huge city rivals. If you are looking to plan a Manchester City football trip then why not go all in and plan a trip to see the incredible Manchester derby when it takes place at the Etihad in March 2016.

A Manchester City fan will always follow their team both away from home and at home. makes it possible at just the click of a mouse to book tickets and travel. We offer football trips to all Premier League teams and games. One being to the newly revived, Manchester City’s matches. stand out in the market in delivering football trips and we sell tickets as well as transport and accommodation. We make it much easier to be a Manchester City supporter by covering all aspects of your trip. When travelling with Always Football you travel too with plenty of other Manchester City supporters as we have fans travelling with us every weekend of the season.