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Club Bio

Everton are the arch rivals of Liverpool, one of England’s most successful clubs, but they themselves have an illustrious history and are a very well followed English team. In recent years Everton have competed in the Europa League and have also qualified for the Champions League. They had a disappointing 2014/2015 season where they finished 11th but you can be sure that they will be looking to improve on that this year and will be aiming to once again qualify for Europe.

If you are thinking of watching some premier league action live, an Everton football trip is a great alternative to watching Liverpool if you are in or around the North West of England. Everton tickets are often great value and with their open, attacking style of play Everton tend to be involved in some of the most compelling games each season. Take for example last season when at home to Chelsea they lost 3-6! If you want to watch live Premier League action at Goodison Park, one of the most famous grounds in England, see the full selection of tickets wen have available on Always Football.

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