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Club Bio

Bournemouth is a lovely, prestigious town on the exclusive South coast of England. This is the first time that the town’s football team, AFC Bournemouth, have featured in the Premier League. Games this season are going to be exciting at their ground, Dean Court. A Bournemouth football trip may not be the first that comes to mind if you are planning to an excursion to watch a Premier League game; but it may just be a hidden gem that not everyone knows about.

Bournemouth is a nice British coastal town so you have the benefit of a beach. It is in the South of England so the weather is generally warmer and AFC Bournemouth are one of the smallest teams to ever play in the Premier League so you can watch some of the world’s best players at a small venue with a capacity of only 11,700. With all this in mind AFC Bournemouth tickets may just be the perfect choice. See the full range of Bournemouth football tickets that we have for sale at Always Football.