Sale and conditions of delivery and payment

We require payment for our merchandise through the payment method used in our webshop. Credit purchases must be negotiated prior to delivery and is only valid when concluded in a written agreement.

Personal data

Alwaysfootball's treatment of personal data is in accordance to the European ‘law of personal data’. In short, any data which may be associated with our customers, will never be accessible to any third parties.

Credit card information

Alwaysfootball makes use of secure electronic payment methods for Visa and Mastercard provided by PayPal. All payment data is kept and secured under the strict regulations of the individual card issuer.


If you under any circumstances would wish to cancel your order, you must immediately contact our customer support. In the event that we have already dispatched or purchased your order, the regular rules of return will apply and cancellation will not be possible.


A full refund is only possible in events where the order consists of substantial errors and such errors has been verified and where Alwaysfootball is responsible for the aforementioned errors. The customer can only demand a refund for the specific part of an issue. The financial responsibility of Alwaysfootball is only limited to the specific value of the order and is under no circumstances applicable for any other incidents relating to the the order. The responsibility of Alwaysfootball only concerns errors made in relation to the delivery of the order.

Injuries and damages

The responsibility of Alwaysfootball does not include; economic loss, time forfeiture, loss of profit, or any other indirect damages. Alwaysfootball is only responsible for personal injuries if it can be verified that the injury was a direct cause of errors or misconduct made by Alwaysfootball or a third party under their supervision. Alwaysfootball is not responsible for damages on property; neither is it responsible for operating losses, potential earnings, or any other indirect damages or injuries. Alwaysfootball strongly emphasise that our responsibility to remedy or replace orders is not applicable if:

In the event where a product is returned due to a complaint/s, a complaint form must be completed and attached to the product.