When will the tickets arrive?

All tickets will be delivered to the hotels the day before at the latest, it maybe late on in the afternoon but do not fret our suppliers have many hotels to go around. If it is getting late on and the concierge says no delivery then please contact us! There are times that the hotel can't find where they have put the tickets.


Is there a cheaper price for children, students or over 60's?

Unfortunately not, all the tickets our agents obtain are adult tickets due to the limited number that buy the above. However everybody of course will be able to use adult tickets.


Why is the price on the ticket different to what we paid?

The price on the tickets are the price from the clubs. We rarely get the tickets at these prices and instead buy in from other agents.


Can we get a cheaper price if we book as a big group?

Yes, any big groups booked we can offer you a discount, contact us with your specific group enquiry. However with bigger games there maybe only a slight difference in price, if any, as they are very difficult to obtain and only a certain number.


What time should we arrive at the ground?

You should arrive at the ground 30-40 minutes before, any earlier the ground will be shut. We do advise however to allow plenty of time to get to the stadium as match days are often very busy and there is likely to be congestion.


What happens if we can't go or someone drops out?

We purchase from our suppliers very shortly after you purchase alot of the time, which means that later down the line if someone drops out you cannot return the tickets.


Will we sit together?

When two tickets are purchased we guarantee that no one will sit alone. If a 4 is bought we will try to make sure you are all together if not it will be a two and a two. This is also the same with 3's where we will do our best to make it a 3 but in some circumstances it maybe a 2 and 1, unless you have previously specially requested.


Can we meet a player?

Yes this is possible through Always Football, from big star players to squad players it's something we can arrange. The prices range from £7000-£15,000 this does include an hour with your chosen player.


How do we check in at the hotel?

You will receive a voucher, this acts as a payment to the hotel and should be submitted when checking in.


Can I upgrade the tickets after I've bought?

This is something that is potentially possible and we can try to swap different tickets around or resell your original ones. It does again depend whether we have bought them but it still maybe possible. You should contact us by phone or email and we will do our very best for you.


What happens If the match is moved?

If the game is moved by only a couple of days and you cant make it we would be unable to provide you with a refund. We have to purchase the tickets from our suppliers and if the game is moved we can't get a refund on the tickets we have bought. It is the buyers responsibility to keep an eye out on the fixtures and book a stay of three days in case games are moved which is a common occurrence. We do advise this anyway. If the moving of the game is by weeks or even months and you are only in the designated city that weekend we will try to either resell the tickets for you or provide an alternative game that weekend.


Are you allowed to smoke in the stadium?

No smoking is permitted in any of the stadiums! You will be evicted if you are found doing so. We take no responsibility in these circumstances and no refund will be provided.


What happens if there is a problem at the hotel?

If the hotel cannot find the tickets please contact us straight away, however as stated above please take into consideration that we will be delivering to many hotels, only when it's getting very close to game should you get in touch.


What happens if there's a problem at the stadium?

If there ever is a problem to arise at the ground you should do nothing but call us immediately and we will offer the best solution to the issue!